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Ad Space Pricing

Pricing – Minimum and Rate Card

You should set your minimum as low as possible in order to access the greatest number of ads. If you are not redirecting to another ad network you should set your minimum to $0.01. If your are redirecting to another network, set your minimum one cent above the eCPM you are getting from that other network.

Rate card should not differ from your minimum.

To view the rate card and minimum for an ad space:

1.    Click on the Sell tab.

2.    Go to the Sites screen.

3.    Check the box(es) next to the ad space(s) you wish to review.

4.    From the Edit selected ad space drop down menu, select Edit ad space pricing.

5.    Be sure to save any changes you make on this screen.

Revenue Share

Payment to you for the display of SAM advertisements for which Six Apart is paid by the advertiser on a CPM basis (i.e., the cost is per one thousand delivered impressions) will be sixty percent (60%) of the Net Revenue Six Apart collects for the display of such SAM advertisements on your Site for a given calendar month.



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