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Ad Tag Troubleshooting

Ad Tag Content

When you first get accepted into Adify and you generate and place your ad tags, you will see ads appearing on your site within 24 hours. Also, please allow up to 72 hours to see campaigns come into the pending and potential folder.

During the initial ramp up, we’ll begin adding your site to existing campaigns. During the first 30 days, sell-through will steadily improve, as will your eCPM, and you’ll have an increasing number of media buys to review and approve.

Troubleshooting Ad Tags

If your ads are displaying partial content, the most likely cause is you’ve created an ad size that is larger than the space allows on your site. Make sure that you are only running an ad size that you can accommodate into your blog’s layout, by first checking the pixel width of the column or side bar and comparing it to your ad sizes. Ad sizes are defined by pixel width by pixel height – i.e. a 300x250 is 300 pixels wide and 250 pixels high. For example, if your right column is 200 pixels in width, you may not run the 300x250. Instead, you should display a 160x600.


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