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Best Practices for Ad Placement

Ad Tag Placement

  • Place at least one standard ad placement and the Six Apart Media badge (160x90) above the fold on your page at all times. (Above the fold is defined as the first 500 pixels)
  • Place as many of the three ad sizes on your page as your site’s format will allow.
  • Space ads of the same size a minimum of one page length apart (approximately 800 pixels).
  • No more than three ads should be showing above the fold
  • Understand how visitors use your page and place ads in proximity to relevant, highly trafficked content. Track and optimize your performance by moving ads around and using Adify to see what works best
  • If you are placing 300x250 ads between your posts (using advanced templates on TypePad or a custom html format), use no more than one ad tag for every 3 posts.

For the premium advertising campaigns, advertisers use an optimization formula and delete sites that aren’t performing well. The optimization formula is based on factors such as traffic and CTR. Your ads will perform better if they are placed in the highest visibility sections. Likewise, when you place the same sized ads next to one another, the performance drops dramatically and you are likely to be optimized out of a campaign.  

Placing two ads of the same size on one page, requires unique ad tags for each placement (i.e. “Skyscraper Left Top”, or “Skyscraper Right Bottom”). Each ad tag must appear only once per page.

These guidelines for ad placement apply to all ads showing on your page, even if you are running ads from multiple networks. For example, do not place two ads of the same size next to each other even if they are from two different ad networks.

Running the Six Apart Media Badge

Members of our ad network are required to display the Six Apart Media badge. You will need to create the ad space and generate the tag in Adify the same as you would for the other three ad sizes – create an ad space for 160x90, copy the ad tag for that space, and place the ad tag into your blog template.

Running multiple ad spaces with the same dimensions on one page

You can have two or more of the same ad sizes on one page as long as they are separated by at least one screen’s distance apart (meaning you cannot see both ads at the same time. You should not have more than one ad space in close proximity to another ad of the same size on one page. The reason for this is that it causes the ads to compete with one another and the performance will be harmed.


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