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Managing Unsold Inventory

Unsold inventory is an ad impression on your site that has not been sold by Six Apart Media. In the event that an ad has not been sold, you have the control within the system to tell Six Apart what to put in the ad slot. You can use the unsold space with a Default Ad to promote internal products, drive traffic to another blog or you can use it to make money by uploading a redirect.

Default ads are “filler” for unsold inventory.  We strive to sell out 100% of your inventory through our national sales team working with top brand advertisers.  When your blog requests an ad from Six Apart Media, we serve as many paid impressions as possible based on targeting, CPM and inventory. Currently, when Six Apart Media hasn’t sold out 100% of the inventory, an unpaid Public Service Announcement (PSA) is served to ensure something shows up. In this case, if you have a default ad set up, it will pre-empt the PSA, so you are earning the most from each ad placement. If you choose not to set up default ads, Six Apart Media will implement default ads for you.

Setting up Google AdSense as Your Default

Take the following steps to set up default ads:

Step 1: Obtain ad tags from your Google Adsense account

Step 2: In Adify, under the Sell Tab, check the Ad Space for which you would like to set up your default, and under Edit selected ad spaces, select Manage Unsold Inventory.

Step 3: Select Redirect to another provider and paste in the Google Adsense tag. Click Save.

Step 4: For each additional ad space, repeat steps 2 & 3.

Setting Up Your Own Default Ads

Take the following steps to set up your own default ad:

Step 1: Under the Sell Tab, check the Ad Space for which you would like to set up the Default, and under ‘edit selected ad spaces’, select ‘Manage Unsold Inventory’.

Step 2: Select ‘Use my own ad’.

Step 3: Select ‘Upload image and rich media ad’.

Step 4: Select image size and browse and upload your .TXT or .HTML file. Be sure that your file’s dimensions exactly match those of the ad space, and also make sure to include a destination URL.

Step 5: Click ‘Add’. You have now added this file to your ad library. You can access this file and place it as your Default Ad. Check the desired ad, and click ‘Add selected ads’. You will see your selected Default Ad next to the ad space.

Getting paid for default ads

Adify does not track the performance of unpaid default ads. Your earnings will show up as unpaid impressions and you will receive a lump sum payment as a line-item on your monthly statement.

Our default price will fluctuate and we aim to stay competitive with Google Adsense. This is a strategy we’ve implemented as a service to our customers in order to serve something more favorable and rewarding than unpaid PSAs.

Setting the Pricing When Redirecting to Another Ad Network

If you redirect your ad spaces to another provider, set your minimum just slightly higher than what you earn through your redirect ad solution. For example, if you earn a $.50 CPM through a redirect to Ad Provider X, set your minimum at $.51 (or if your Google AdSense has an eCPM of 11 cents, your minimum CPM should be set to 12 cents). If you do not redirect your inventory to another provider, set your minimum at $0.01. This will ensure that you are included on the maximum number of campaigns sold by Six Apart Media.

To set pricing, go to the sell tab and click edit selected ad space > edit ad space pricing

Default Ad Reporting

The number of Unsold Impressions is the number of times your default/redirect ran.

Six Apart Media Default Ad Standards

Default ads served by Six Apart Media will adhere to the same quality standards as our premium ad inventory.


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