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Campaign Review

Adify allows you to review and approve campaigns that run on your blog.

Use the Media Buy Review tab to manage these settings.

Manage Media

By choosing to review ads based on your review preferences, you will be able to look at an ad before letting it run on your site. If a media buy is sitting in the queue for 24 hours it will automatically be accepted.

Ad Review Preferences

You can modify your default campaign review preferences by clicking Edit Site > Edit Site Options on your Adify homepage:

Media Buy Review Settings

Each ad space in your account has a minimum price associated with it.  Six Apart Media recommends you set your minimums at $.01 to start so that your blog participates in all Six Apart Media campaigns.

From the Media Buy Review tab you can review and either accept or reject any campaign from the Pending, Accepted, Rejected and Potential tabs.  To review the creative for the ad in question, click on show under the Media buy column.  The preview feature will display the ads running for that campaign. 

Six Apart Media Creative Standards

Six Apart Media has a thorough screening process to ensure the highest creative standards are met. On rare occasions, due to creative adjustments by the advertiser, an ad that fails to meet our quality criteria will show. If you happen to see a questionable ad, please take a screenshot and send it to us so we can remove it as quickly as possible.

Media Buy Review – Potential vs. Pending Tab

Pending:  New campaigns that you have indicated you wish to review prior to their acceptance. After 24 hours, these campaigns will be automatically accepted.

Potential: Ads will go into this category when your site is not set up to run 1 or more ad sizes for a particular campaign. To participate in these campaigns, you will need to format your site to accommodate additional ad sizes. Keep in mind, most campaigns run several ad sizes, so even if a campaign shows up in your potential tab, you are most likely running one of the 3 ad sizes.

If no ads are displaying and everything is showing up in the potential tab, you have probably set up your ad tags incorrectly. Please refer to the instructions for creating and placing ads or contact VIP@sixapart.com.


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