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Placing Ads on Your TypePad Blog

TypePad users should use the Ads by Six Apart Media widget to implement ads on their sidebar. 

AdModuleScreenshot for ETP1

Go to the Design tab, click Content and choose the following:
Category: Ads by Six Apart Media
Module: Ad Tags

 Click Add this Module and choose the ad space you would like to add to your sidebar from the drop down.  Then, paste your ad tag code from your Adify account into the text box and click Save.  Please note:  You must first create ad spaces in your Adify account in order to generate the ad code necessary to implement this module. 

You may now drag and drop the sidebar modules to arrange them in the order you prefer.  Please refer to our Best Practices for Ad Placement if you have any questions.

To set up the 728x90 or 300x250 ad size, you will need to use Advanced Templates and set up a custom module for the corresponding ad space. You will then insert the ad tag into the module.

To recap:

For 160x600 Ad Size in TypePad

  • Go to Design tab
  • Click Content
  • Category: Ads by Six Apart Media
  • Module: Ad Tags 
  • Choose ad space
  • Copy and paste ad tag into the text box

300x250 and 728x90 ad sizes on TypePad 

Most available Pre-Defined Themes in TypePad will only let you run the 160x600 ad size on your sidebar. To run the 300x250 ad size you will need to select the ‘Asterisk White/Black (Wide)’ theme with one of the Classic layouts. If you are using Custom Themes you need to ensure that your General Page Settings for columns are set to 300 pixels wide and you are using a Classic Layout (not a Mixed Media Layout).

For Advanced Template Users

To set up the 728x90 ad size or custom placements of the other ad sizes, you will need to use Advanced Templates and set up a custom module for the corresponding ad space. Here's how:

  1. After converting your templates to advanced templates go to Design.
  2. Since we want to have the ad tags as a module we can put in any template click Create new template module.
  3. Name your module something obvious like 728x90.
  4. Copy and paste your ad tags into the Module Body and then Save. You should now see the 728x90 template module in your list of Template Modules. Now let’s add it to the design.
  5. Go to the Main Index template: Design > Content > Main Index template. Look for the code for the beginning of the banner.

    <!-- banner -->
    <div id="banner">
    <div id="banner-inner" class="pkg">

    We’re using the MTInclude tag to tell TypePad to include one of our template modules.
  6. Add the code right above the<!-- banner --> tag. Here’s an example:

    <MTInclude module=”728x90”>

    <!-- banner -->
    <div id="banner">
    <div id="banner-inner" class="pkg">

  7. Save the template and then View weblog. Verify that the ad tags are now showing properly.

Now, go make the change to the Archive Index, DateBased Archive, Category Archive, Individual Archive and Pages templates.


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you're insane.

I'm totally lost. I want to choose what ads I put on my blog but I don't even see any ads to choose from. Please tell me what I'm missing.

Hi Joan! You are able to select which ads you would like to accept through your Adify account.

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