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Quick Start

Quick Start

There are three key elements to getting your ads up and running:

  1. Decide where on your blog you want to place your ads
  2. Create your ad spaces and get your ad tags in Adify
  3. Place your ad tags on your blog 

Deciding where to place your ads on your blog:  Where you place your ads on your blog will depend on which platform you use and your blog's layout.  For example, if your right column is 200 pixels wide, you should create a 160x600 ad size to insert into your blog design.

See Best Practices for Ad Placement

Creating Ad Spaces

After deciding which ad spaces will fit within the dimensions of your blog, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to Adify at https://app.adify.com/SignIn.aspx
  2. From your account main page, select Create new ad space
    Create ad space 

  3. Create a name and description for the ad that makes sense with your site (ex. Name: Top Right Skyscraper; Description: 160x600 Ad Space)
  4. Under Text, make sure that Image and Rich Text Media is selected
  5. Under Size, select the ad size that you are creating (Six Apart serves ads ONLY to the following three sizes: 160x600, 728x90, and 300x250).
  6. Under Domain Name, put the URL for the page(s) that your ad will be running. (If the ad is running across every page, insert the URL for your homepage.)
  7. Set your rate card and minimum pricing. (Your rate card and minimum should be the same, and you should set them both as low as possible in order to access the greatest number of campaigns.)
  8. Select Open all clickthroughs in a new window.
  9. Select Done and you will automatically be redirected to Get your ad tags


Note: Once your ad spaces have been created, you may go back in and retrieve your ad tags at any time by clicking Get Ad Tags from your main Adify account page.

Generating and Placing Your Ad Tags

Now that you’ve created your ad tags, it’s time to place them on your site.    Copy and paste your ad tags from the get ad tags screen.

Create ad space


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