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Glossary of Terms

Ad Size:  The size of the ad you will be running. Six Apart Media lets you choose the following three sizes: 300x250; 160x600; 728x90; 160x90 button

Above the Fold: The portion of the website you see without having to scroll down (defined as the first 500 pixels of your site).

Below the Fold: The lower portion of a webpage that you have to scroll down to access (the space below the first 500 pixels).

CPM: The cost per thousand ad impressions (cost per mille)

eCPM: Effective cost per mille. eCPM is a performance measurement for your site. eCPM is calculated by dividing total earnings by the total number of impressions in thousands. The measurement tells you your overall performance for a particular network.

Inventory: The number of page views that your site receives. For advertising, the page views, or impressions, are determined by the number of times that visitors see each of your ad spaces. Six Apart Media is selling your inventory to advertisers.

Minimum: Your minimum is the lowest amount you are willing to accept for an ad space.  Ads below your minimum will run our default ads unless you set up a redirect to your own default ads or another ad network. You should set your minimum as low as possible in order to access the greatest number of ads.

Pixel Width: Pixels are the unit of measurement used to state the size of ad spaces on a computer monitor. Six Apart Media only offers ad sizes in the following pixel dimensions: 160x600; 300x250; and 728x90

Ratecard: Your rate card value is the CPM rate that you wish to achieve for a particular ad space. Your rate card helps Six Apart Media set sales goals and project inventory. To start, you should set your Ratecard the same as your minimum.

Redirects: When you have cycled through all the campaigns provided by Six Apart Media and Adify, your account allows you to insert your own default ads, or redirect your inventory to another ad provider. This feature allows you to continue to monetize your inventory even after you have cycled through all your Six Apart Media and Adify campaigns. Within Adify, this is controlled through the Manage Unsold Inventory tab. Your default ads or ads from another provider will only show when you have completely cycled through the campaigns you have accepted from Six Apart Media and Adify, so pricing your redirects properly is critical to maximizing your profit.

Sell-through: The percentage of United States based impressions displayed on your site that are sold by Six Apart.

Sponsorships: A sponsorship is an advertising package purchased on one or more ad spaces on your site for a fixed period of time. A sponsorship is a guaranteed purchase, so it always has higher priority than a CPM or CPC campaign. Our ad server will always serve a sponsorship ad first.


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