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Beginner's FAQs

Welcome to the Six Apart Media Ad Program! One small thing, you have no idea what to do next or how this all works? See below for our most frequently asked questions…

Q: I still can't figure out how to implement my Ad Tags. What am I suppose to do?

A: Check out our Quick Start Guide for easy, step by step instructions. Still not sure what you're doing? E-mail us at [email protected] and we'll be happy to assist!

Q: How do "Ad Tags" work?

A: The ad tag or code created in Adify that you implement on your site communicates with the Adify Platform. When a reader goes to your site, the Ad Tag code notifies Adify and sends back an ad from Six Apart that will be viewable in the ad space created on your site. The ad that is seen by that reader is counted as an Ad Impression. See Best Practices for Ad Placement for our suggestions/recommendations on Ad Placement.

Q: What types of Campaigns can I expect from Six Apart Media?

A: We have a Direct Sales Team working with the world's largest brands like Cisco, Best Buy, Apple, AllState, Xbox, and Pepsi to bring you premium campaigns with great CPM's. We also partner with over 20+ Network Providers to help fill your remnant/unsold inventory.

Q: How do I choose the types of ads that are seen on my site?

A: You have complete control over the Campaigns/Advertisers that run on your site. Go to the Media Buy Review Tab when logged in to your Adify account where you'll have access to review campaign creative, CPM Payout, Start and End Dates etc. You'll be able to reject out any campaigns you do not want to run. See Campaign Review for screenshots.

Q: How do I earn money from participating in the Six Apart Media Ad Program?

A: Six Apart Media pays our publishers on a CPM basis. This means we pay you a fixed CPM per thousand impressions that are seen on your site. See Payment Information to learn more on when and how you can expect payment from us.

Q: You pay for every thousand impressions? I don't get much traffic. What's the point of participating in the Ad Program?

A: We're here to help you achieve your monetization goals and provide outstanding customer service as well as support. We go beyond just standard banner advertising and have a platform advantage to provide custom programs with premium advertisers. We're not only here to help you earn money but build traffic along the way.

Q: I'm seeing PSA's or blank ads through the Six Apart Media Ad Tags?

A: This may happen if you have your rate card minimums set higher than what the current Campaigns are paying out. Your Adify account will automatically reject out all campaigns paying lower than your rate card. We suggest setting your rate card minimum at $.01 or lower to allow you to run all campaigns from Six Apart. If you are still seeing PSA's, let us know and we'll be happy to take a look.

Q: I have more than one site. Can I add additional sites to the Six Apart Network?

A: Yes, see our instructions in Adding Additional Sites.

Q: I'm still confused and have more questions.

A: Take a look around the Publisher's Guide which provides useful information on getting started or Contact Us by emailing [email protected] and we'll be happy to answer all of your questions!


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